Advisory Services

NavPoint provides a variety of services including investment and portfolio advice, financial advice, and financial planning.  NavPoint will identify in advance the array of services we will provide to match the needs and stated requirements of each prospective client.  We will discuss the scope and responsibilities of the customized approach before presenting them with a contract.

NavPoint offers investment management services. We determine the client’s individual objectives, time horizons, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs. Tax considerations and integrating concentrated positions(corporate benefit plans, small business ownership, inheritance, etc.) can play a significant role in portfolio design. NavPoint implements the allocation, and then monitors the assets and portfolios. We alter individual portfolios based on changing markets, changing client circumstances or risk tolerances, and on our judgment about the evolving nature of opportunities and risks.

We offer comprehensive financial planning.  Simply stated, it is a evaluation of a client’s current and future financial state using currently known variables to predict future cash flows, asset values and withdrawal plans. Through the financial planning process, all questions, information and analysis are considered as they impact and are impacted by the entire financial and life situation of the client.  We focus on modeling various outcome scenarios around material variables. We give clients not just a solution, but also an understanding of the sensitivity to variable change, which forms the basis for better decisions.

We endeavor to assist clients in other areas of financial analysis via special projects as the need arises.  This generally involves advice surrounding complicated topics requiring open-ended analysis such as sale of business or divorce.  This may take several forms, from providing the analysis ourselves, to assisting the client in selecting other advisors with the proper level of expertise to the issue/opportunity faced.  Our longevity makes it likely that we’ve modeled similar decisions before, and can bring that experience to make better decisions.