Our Team

We use our thirty-plus year experience to navigate clients to success.  We choose our employees specifically for their adeptness in delivering excellence throughout the breadth of our services.  We all focus on utilizing all of our competencies to serve our client’s financial goals.  Our whole team is focused on them and consciously moving towards their achievement. This means there is not just one singular individual aware of your goals, but rather our whole team is aware of and consciously working to moving your goal achievement forward.

David Martell

David entered the investment advisory/financial services business in 1996.  He has been a key part of NavPoint’s success since its creation.  He has excelled at every aspect of NavPoint’s operations and has been CEO since 2008.  Further, he is instrumental in client situation analysis and direction.  He has a degree from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.  He majored in both Finance & Economics.

Bruce Carlson

Bruce has over thirty years of investment advisory and broker/dealer experience.  He founded NavPoint Financial in 1997.  He served as CEO until 2008.  He continues to lead investment strategy, and direction.  He has degrees from the University of Minnesota; a BS-Business in Finance, and an MBA specializing in Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management.

Krista Ketelsen

Krista began her investment advisory/financial services career in January of 2003 with NavPoint.  She has been instrumental in its success, leading client services through operations, as well as participation in investment direction and planning.  She has a BS-Business degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  She also has a graduate MBA degree, specializing in Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management from the University of Minnesota-Carlson School of Business.

Gary Martell

Gary brings his thirty-five years of investment experience to NavPoint.  He has specialized in the entire breadth of fixed income investments.  Prior to joining NavPoint at its start, Gary worked for major bond houses in everything from bond origination, marketing, supervision and management.  Gary has a BS degree from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls.

Cole Carlson

Cole joined NavPoint full time in 2015.  His primary responsibilities include economic/investment research and special projects.  He is also a part of NavPoint’s Investment Committee.  Cole has a BA-Economics degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Michelle Czycalla

Michelle joined NavPoint in 2017.  Although her major career accomplishments were in large scale corporate real estate development and management, we are very excited to have her exceptional and dedicated skills.  She has quickly adapted to NavPoint’s operations and client services.  Given her enthusiasm and abilities her roles will expand.  Michelle has a BS degree from St. Cloud State University.